The SSA promotes the active participation of junior scientists (in the fields of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology) at scientific conferences, that are organised by an acceepted organisation. The SSA supports these participations by paying a  share of the travelling expenses.

Who is eligible?
The SSA supports junior scientists that study or work at a Swiss University or another Swiss research institution. Participants must work in the fields of agricultural economics or rural sociology.

Here you find additional informations or contact: 
Sandra Contzen, youth@sse-sga.ch

SGA annual conference 2020

On 23 and 24 April 2020, the annual conference of the Swiss Society for Agricultural Economics and Sociology (SGA) will take place at the BBZ Arenenberg in Salenstein (Thurgau). The topic of the conference will be:

"Agriculture in the context of climate change - Risks and options for action"

You will find further informations about the annual conference here